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The tower of the sun Farmers Market Tenjin festival Maishima Garbage disposal plant 中之島公会堂 Osaka castle and cherry blossoms

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Let's take a walk in Nakanoshima area
Beginning your walk at Nakanoshima Park and strolling westward to explore the area along Mido-Suji Avenue and Sakai-Suji Avenue, you will discover many elegant Neo-Renaissance structures and classic old buildings. Let's have a picnic lunch at Nakanoshima waterfront Park which is an urban oasis for Osaka people.
Enjoy Riverside lunch or dinner, along with refreshing breezes from the Tosabori River. Highly recommended!  Cafes at Kitahama Terrace / Nakanoshima area map

Slip back in time to Showa-era
Shin-Sekai, which means "New world", is one of Osaka’s most interesting neighborhoods. This area has remained largely untouched over the year. There are Japanese-style pubs and cheap cafeteria-like restaurants with highly unique menus. Popular ballad Enka songs which depict the emotions and experience of everyday Japanese people, and performance for the masses from old days are still powerful in this town.
Shinsekai website

One day vacation with The Tower of the Sun
It is one of Okamoto Taro's works that was designed as a symbol to represent the Japan World Exposition '70. Within the park you can enjoy a variety of beauty that nature has to offer during each of the four seasons at "The Japanese Garden" or "The Natural and Cultural Gardens", or learn about the different cultures from around the world at "The National Museum of Ethnology". You can surely spend an exciting fun-filled day here.
Expo park website

Recommended cafe and shops
[graf]Representing Osaka designers group. Shop, restaurant, showrooms.
[Truck furniture]Popular furniture show room with a restaurant in Osaka.
[D&DEPARTMENT]Shop with design, selected items, MUJI recycled items in Nanba.
[Misono building]You can't miss small unique bars on the 2nd floor. Take the side stairs.
[Casual restaurant OUI]Waterfront Italian cafe with the retro view of City Public Hall

Tramway in the cities of Osaka and Sakai CLICK
[Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine]Guardian deity for sailors and prosperity.
[Hamadera Koen area in Sakai city]There are many historic sites in Sakai city.

Spend time out in nature
[Utsubo park]Located in west Honmachi, this is a beautiful park with roses.
[Ofune Kamome]Take a boat cruise in Osaka! Just like a house floating on the river.
[Namba parks]Landscape architecture in Namba. Garden on the loof is beautiful.
[Tsurumi ryokuchi park]Flea market is often held in weekends.

Go to flea market or market Garage sale info (in Japanese only)
[Osaka Marche]An open-air market in an urban park. Farmers market.
[Shitennoji]Don't miss an antique market held on 21st every month!
[cosmo square]Near Osaka Nanko, ATC, Cosmo tower.
[Expo park]Large weekend market are often held at "Banpaku kinen kōen".

Looking for something to do in Osaka?
[Film/Cinema]Film lists and Cinema lists in Kansai. You can check Now showing movies.
[live music information]Find live event in Osaka for this month.
[Festivals in Kansai]Big festivals, local festivals (Matsuri) in Osaka.
[Art Exhibitions]Listings of art exhibitions being held in Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Nara.
[Party events]Make cool friends at party! International party held every weekend.

Great spot for wandering
[Garbage disposal plant]Designed by a famous Austrian artist, Mr.Hundertwasser.
[Open-Air Museum of Old Japanese Farm Houses]Located in Hattori Ryokuchi park.
[Osaka Mari Time Museum]Interesting against all expectations!

Convenient Tool
[Train Route Finder]Train timetable and Route Search in English and Chinese
[]Everything about modern and traditional Japan.
[Kansai Scene] Kansai's best bilingual free magazine-online.
[Seek Japan]English-language magazine especialy for people living in Japan.
[JNTO] Japanese government site providing information for visitors to Japan.

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